Clapboard House Siding

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In this picture above, we installed wood clapboard siding in historic Lexington, Ma. We also installed the windows exterior wood trim, crown moldings and a water-table. The water-table is the white trim board running along the bottom of the home, with a beveled top cap to shed water away from your house. This another good reason to choose us a your Home improvement contractor — we pay close attention to detail.

Brief history of Clapboard siding

The Origin of the name clapboard came from the Dutch word Klappen, this means ” to split” because the siding was originally hand-split from logs of cypress, pine, hemlock and spruce. Clapboard siding also has many other names as well, wood siding, weather board siding, wood plank siding. This type of siding has a beveled edge along the bottom and thinner at the top for the next course of siding to overlap. Clapboard siding has been seen throughout the centuries in New England area in such towns as Lexington, Ma. in the picture above.

Benefits of Clapboard siding:

Clapboard siding will fit well with just about any style of home in the MA & RI areas. Clapboard siding comes in a wide variety of textures and finishes, and can be painted, stained. Clapboard siding offers real wood beauty and charm to a bygone era. So, think of (MBM) when you plan to have siding installed on your home.

Maintenance requirements:

With Clapboard siding, you’ll want to have your home re-painted and caulked, every five to seven years. This will ensure the longevity of your siding.

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