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Roofing Wakefield MA, allow are roofers Wakefield to install a stunningly new roof for your Wakefield home today.

Quality Wakefield MA Roofing & Roof repair Services

Finding a professional roofing contractor in Wakefield can seem overwhelming at first, especially if this is your first time having your roofing repaired or replaced.  As a home owner, you’ll want to make sure that the money you’re spending on your roof will be a good sound investment. At (MBM) we will do our best to provide you with a great roofing experience.

In choosing us as your Wakefield roofing company, you’re going to get peace of mind knowing that we will walk you step by step through out the whole entire roofing process. We know that communication is key to any type of successful home improvement or roofing project, so we want to be sure you’re getting the roof you deserve and nothing less.

What To Expect With Our Roofing Services

  • We will closely evaluate your roof from the top to the bottom
  • A easy to understand written estimate
  • Owner is on-site from start to finish
  • Best roofing Warranty, because we don’t cut corners
  • Most jobs only take one day
  • Daily clean-up is a priority
  • Fully licensed and Insured for your investment.

Good Warning Signs On When To Replace Your Roof.


Curled Roofing Shingles:

If you notice curled shingles on your roof, it would be a good time to locate a Wakefield roofer to closely inspect your roof. Curled shingles are a direct result of worn and failed tar strips that securely seal your roofing shingle down. Furthermore, curled shingles gives wind driven rain or snow, easy access through nail penetrations causing roof leaks.

Worn-off Granules:

If you start to notice the granules wearing off of your roofing shingle, this would be a perfect time to start planning to have new roof installed. Other signs of worn granules are, dark or bald spots on your roofing shingles.

Missing or loose Shingles:

If your roof is missing shingles or they appear to be loose, call a local Wakefield roofing contractor ASAP. Often times by having us out to look at your roof, you might not even need a new roof, a simple cost effective roof repair will solve the problem.

Cracked or Brittle Shingles:

Cracked or brittle shingles can happen from a number of things. The first being from age, most asphalt residential roofing only lasts roughly 20-30 years depending upon many factors. When the roofing shingle becomes old and brittle, you can experience nail pops from expansion and contraction.

Stains On Your Interior Ceiling:

Stains on your ceilings are good indicators of a roof leak and should be verified, whether it’s HVAC related or roof related. Have an experienced Wakefield roofing contractor decide if that is the case..

Age Of Roof:

Depending on the brand and quality of your roof shingles, most roof shingles last about 20- 30 years. A good indicator would be if your home is the same age as your neighbors that are getting new roofs installed, that would be a good time to have yours replaced as well.

I think I should have my roof replaced, what should I do next?

You know, I can almost hear you thinking “Should we call and invite (MBM) over so we can sit and talk with him so he can answer all of our questions?” The answer is YES. CALL US NOW 781-856-2001 – and let us solve your home improvement problems.

If you are looking for a professional Wakefield, MA roofing contractor, then please call us today at 781-856-2001 or complete our roof estimate form.  01880