Vinyl Siding Company

Curb appeal is the first thing anyone takes notice of when driving pass your home, and it’s the first thing you see as the home owner each and every day as you leave and come home. Having a beautiful look to your home’s exterior siding can give you the sense of pride and envy of the neighborhood and accomplishment. Now, wouldn’t be great to have that everlasting look without the headaches and worries of maintaining your the exterior siding of your home?

bullet-3Vinyl siding installation

Our team of vinyl siding installation professionals are among the best in the industry, so you can be rest assured you’ll be getting the best quality siding installation. Depending on your style and size of home, we can take on average roughly 1-2 weeks from start to finish, so there is no need to worry about having our siding installers there for a long time.

bullet-3Cleaning Vinyl Siding:

The maintenance requirement for vinyl house siding is really low when compared to other home siding, such as clapboard siding. Cleaning vinyl siding is a snap, the only thing you really need to do is spray your home with your garden hose once annually to keep dirt from building up. In doing so, will preserve the look of your vinyl siding like the day it was installed. That has to beat painting your home every 5-10 years!


One of the main reasons why many Massachusetts homeowners and contractors choose vinyl siding, is because of its quality and long-lasting durability. Vinyl siding has come a long way in reliability since its arrival to the market in the 1960″s. Vinyl siding nowadays is much stronger than the previous versions of vinyl siding, and is less likely to crack or become dingy overtime. Vinyl siding has the ability to withstand high winds of up to 110 mph and in some cases even higher without having any siding blow off.

bullet-3Vinyl siding prices:

Vinyl siding over the long term can pay itself back relatively quick. For example, in order to properly maintain your existing wood siding you need to paint it every 5-7 years, that can add up quick if you’re thinking long-term. Depending on the size and vinyl siding of choice, the initial cost of vinyl siding can vary. Other benefits include, reducing your homes heating/cooling bill by adding ridged-foam insulation as a backer.

bullet-3Vinyl siding colors:

Vinyl siding comes in a wide array of options, ranging from the looks of cedar shakes, to the looks of traditional clapboard siding. Vinyl siding also has a lot of color options too, with the colors being baked through the vinyl instead of applied. What that means is the color stays true over a long period of time, resisting the signs of scratches or small imperfections.

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