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Roofing Melrose MA - Choosing a professional Melrose MA roofing contractor can be a daunting task. Put your trust in us when searching for a roofer in melrose - because we take the daunty out of this task by providing you with tons of references, insurance certificates and more. GIve us a call today to repair or replace your roof in Melrose.

Professional Melrose MA Roofing & Roof repair Services

Your roof is the most vital part of your home and keeps you well protected from all of what mother nature throws at her, until one day, your roof has had all that she could handle and starts leaking. When that time comes, you’ll want to find a local Melrose roofing contractor who will NOT throw caution to the wind when evaluating your roof.

When I started my company back in 2006, I had to decide on what business model to run by, “take the money and use sub-par roofing materials and compete on price” – OR – “I could provide the BEST warranty, roofing materials in the industry and give my customers the best quality they deserve — a long lasting leak-free roof.” I choose to offer my customers the high quality roof they deserve and nothing less! Choose a Melrose roofer who will work in YOUR best interest, and not in how much profit the roofing company can make by cutting corners!

What To Expect From Our Roofing Company

  • A complete top to bottom evaluation of your roof, inside and out;
  • A detailed written proposal that’s easy to understand;
  • Owner is on-site from start to finish;
  • Best roofing Warranty, because we don’t cut corners;
  • Most jobs only take one day;
  • Daily clean-up is a priority;
  • Fully licensed and Insured for your investment.

Recent Roofing Installation On Hancock St In Melrose, MA


This Melrose roof needed a replacement in a huge way. From roof leaks to chimney leaks, Improper roof ventilation, it was time for a new. The good new to this old roof, is that it last over 35 years. Bob and Patty Quinn called at least five roofing contractors in Melrose area before finally reaching out to us for a roofing estimate and finally choosing us as their roofing contractor.

This house is located in Melrose MA on Hancock st. This roof was failing in a big way from roof leaks to chimney leaks, it was time for a new. The good news is that this roof lasted 35 years.


What a huge difference a new roof can make to a old home.. Bob and Patty wanted to keep to the same shade of gray, but also wanted to make this roof pop a little. We installed 30 year Architectural shingles, a properly vented ridge roof vent. This roof comes with a 30 year warranty from the manufacture alongside our workmanship warranty for their roof.

Here is what a new roof will do for your home, as far as curb appeal. We installed 30 year architectual residential roofing shingles that provides a 30 year warranty along side or 10 year roofing warranty. Looks good, right?

Watch Our Roofing Presentation To See Why You Should Choose Us As Your Melrose Roofing Contractors.

How will I know if I need to replace or repair my roof?

The following roof factors will help you decide if you should repair or replace roof..

Curled Up Shingles:

Curled shingles pose a potential or existing problem on your roof. Curled shingles are normally a result of failure in the roof shingles tar strip which seals your shingle down securely and firm. Having curled shingles on your Melrose roof, you run the risk of wind driven rain climbing its way under the roof shingle and down the nearest void in your roof causing interior water damage..

Worn-off Granules:

Warn off granules are a perfect indicator for when it’s time to replace your existing roof. Granules are the main protection from rain, snow, hail, keeping them from penetrating your roof –without them your in for problems. You can tell when you’re missing granules from your roof shingles by looking for bare or dark spots on your roof shingles, or by looking into your gutters — where the ultimately end up… FYI granules look like small sand pebbles..

Loose Or Missing Shingles:

This most certainly will be the future or existing cause of your roof leaks – Find a local Melrose roofing contractor ASAP, If you see this!

Cracked Shingles:

Another common cause for roof leaks, are cracked shingles. Cracked shingles normally happen when a nail expands and contracts due to weather changes. When the roof shingle is warn out and old the shingle becomes weak, you end up with nail pops. Nails poking through your roof is a good reason to call a roofer.

Stains On Your Interior Ceiling:

Stains on your ceilings are good indicators of a roof leak and should be verified, whether it’s HVAC related or roof related. Have an experienced roofing contractor decide if that is the case..

Age Of Roof:

Depending on the brand and quality of your roof shingles, generally most roof shingles last about 20-25 years. A good indicator would be if your home is the same age as your neighbors that are getting new roofs installed, that would be a good time to have yours replaced as well.

I think I should have my roof replaced, what should I do next?

You know, I can almost hear you thinking “Should we call and invite (MBM) over so we can sit and talk with him so he can answer all of our questions?” The answer is YES. CALL US NOW 781-856-2001 – and let us solve your home improvement problems.

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