Cedar Shake Siding

In this photo above, we installed cedar shake siding with exterior trim. We also installed the fascia boards, corner-boards, windows and soffitts. We perfectly matched the new siding with the existing siding and paid close attention to detail and the home owner couldn’t be more satisfied with the outcome.

Here are some benefits to Cedar shake siding:

Western Redwood Cedar shake Siding has been known to many across the New England area, to have long-lasting durability to withstand the elements we see at our ocean shorelines. Redwood cedar is, above all, a natural wood of exceptional beauty. In its natural unfinished state, it has a wonderful looking textured, tactile grain combined with warm light brown and deep brown colors. Cedar siding also remains subtly aromatic, and the appealing fragrance of cedar adds another benefit to the ever so popular wood.

Long-lasting durability of Cedar Siding:

Western Redwood Cedar Siding contains natural oils that help protect the wood against rot, decay, and insects. Cedar siding is also a stable type of wood that never buckles or curls. When properly maintained, cedar siding will last for years to come and will age gracefully.

Energy savings and benefits of cedar siding:

With putting beauty aside, The value and savings cedar siding offers are great. The interior structure of cedar siding, creates interior air spaces that will the give your home a higher R-value than any other kind of wood siding. Houses in the MA & RI area that feature cedar siding, tend stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Furthermore, cedar siding has another great benefit: it creates an excellent sound barrier to the outside noises.

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