this picture diplays how a properly vented roof should look like.



The ROOF and ATTIC, two vital areas of the house where homeowners dare to enter, or care to look at – until the problems start.. If you’ve ever had a new roof installed in the past, your roofing contractor may have insisted that you install some type of roof ventilation and soffit ventilation system. However, some homeowners feel that there roofer might be trying to pull a fast one by having you spend extra money on some kind of magical upgrade. In fact, roof ventilation isn’t all hocus pocus and magical card tricks, but, really do play a crucial role in extending the life of your roofing shingles, reducing ice dams, lowered cooling bills in the summer, etc..

Old home Vs new  home roof ventilation

You’ve probably caught an episode or two of This Old House, or some show on HGTV and have learned that older homes tend to have little, to any kind of roof ventilation and inadequate insulation, but their roof seems to be holding up just fine. The reason for this, older homes lack window and door insulation, vapor barriers, and are generally not as airtight by today’s standards. This causes drafty homes and higher energy bills, but, also helps fight the lack of roof and soffit ventilation by having continuous air circulation in your home.

In newer homes, home builders have energy efficiency on their minds when building houses. Starting with proper roof ventilation, vapor barriers, window and door insulation, to name a few. This keeps heating/cooling bills low and a longer lasting roof.

Roof Ridge Vents – How Can I Tell If I Need Any?

The best way to tell if your roof isn’t properly ventilated, is in extreme climate months – summer and winter. Have you ever gone up into your attic on a hot summer day and said “HOLY S###, IT’S LIKE A SAUNA IN HERE!” – I wonder how my photo album is holding up??? In the winter, you might see Ice dams forming on top of your roof. Ice dams on your roof can cause a lot of problems, from roof shingle damage, to roof leaks causing mold and rot to occur.

what are the signs of bad roof ventilation correct way to ventilate a roof

If you need to have roof ventilation installed in your home, consult with a professional in your area. I wouldn’t advise any homeowner to get up on their roof to install ridge vents. There’s also a proper way to install ridge vents. For example, you need to calculate the total area of your attic for vent/to air flow ratio’s to ensure proper air-flow and the list goes on. So, consult with a roofing contractor to see what you need to have done.

If you’ve any questions, drop me a comment in the comment box and I’ll do my best to answer any and all roof ventilation questions..


  1. Quite a few years ago if someone would have asked me why roof vents are required in a home I would not have known the answer. Generally my husband would have taken care of all the home repair and maintenance, but when we split up I decided to find a new place to live in. At the time there was a cute old farm house for sale and it was relatively cheap so I decided to buy it. Unfortunately I did not do my homework as I should have.

    Underlying the rustic looks of the farmhouse there were several serious issues that were never addressed by the previous owner. As a result I have been trying to fix them for the past few years now. One of the issues was the roof vents.

    There were several old turbines that served the purpose of ventilating the attic but they were loud and didn’t seem to work very well. After my first summer in the house I realized that all of my items in the attic were in danger of being damaged by the heat so I quickly decided to look for a solution.

    Instead of completely redoing the ventilation system I just bought new turbines because I was trying to save a bit of money (big mistake). They seemed to work OK for a little while, though not as well as I had hoped, but now I am back to square one; they make an annoying noise and have ceased to work again.

    I have looked around and everyone recommends roof ridge vents because they are the most durable and most effective. I was wondering if you could give me a ball park estimate of how much it might cost to install these vents?

    My house measures 28×60 and has a 4/12 pitch. Also it has shingles on the roof if this helps at all.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I’ve been in the business for a very long time. I did a custom construction several years ago and had this planned out in advance with my architect. I live in Florida, so this saves me a ton of cash every year with my A/C bill. This is improving with new builders since it is trendy, but I was thinking of this years back to save a couple of bucks on my own!

  3. Glad this article helped. It’s amazing how installing roof vents can help cool your house off.

  4. Great article. One thing to remember is if your roof/attic is not inadequately ventilated it will cause your plywood joints to be transparent thru your shingles because of too much moisture accumulating in the attic space, very much so for 3-tab shingles, most of the time this happens is with OSB but can also happen with CDX.