Having a deck built is a very popular home improvement, especially here in Massachusetts. This home improvement not only adds to the value of your home, but also provides a great place to kick back and enjoy BBQ’s, parties and the outdoors. There are many uses for a deck just as there are many types of deck styles one can build. When planning your deck, you must keep this in mind:

mahogany deck2

What are my purposes for this deck?

  • Will this deck be primarily for entertaining?
  • Will this deck just be an entry way to my home?
  • Will this deck just be a place to put a few chairs, table and a grill?

Keeping that in mind, you’ll next want to carefully consider what size of a deck you want to build and the design of the deck, remember you’ll be living with this deck for a long time – think it through. Here are some helpful tips to decide how big of a deck to build.

What size deck?

  • What size decks are consistent with the neighborhood I live in?

When thinking this part through, you don’t necessarily need to have the biggest deck in your neighborhood, but you don’t want the smallest one either. There is no set rule on how big of a deck you can build, but, you don’t want it to become overpowering either.

Test your deck planning Ideas

To test your ideas, layout all of the furniture in the area you plan to have on your deck. Next, grab your garden hose and lay it around the area you intend to occupy -giving yourself enough room to freely move about, followed by measuring out that area once satisfied. The most common mistake people make is building a deck too small.

Deck planning Tip:

Whenever possible, plan the size of your deck to even lengths, i.e 10×10 or 10×12 –don’t build a 10.5 x 11.5 unless you have no choice or that’s what you want. Either way, you’ll have to buy standard lumber lengths anyway, and there’s no point in wasting that material when you could have a larger deck for the same amount of money.

Shape and Decking Patterns

A deck can be any shape you want, and in fact, simple changes like an angled corner or a 45 degree herring-bone decking pattern can dress up a house. You can also add style by wrapping the deck with a pine skirt, adding built-in benches, integrating a privacy fence or screen on one side, or even adding an overhead sunset awning.

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