Vinyl Siding


Let’s start with curb appeal. Curb appeal is the first thing anyone takes notice of when driving pass your home, and it’s the first thing you see as the home owner each and every day as you leave and come home. Having a beautiful look to your home’s exterior can give you the sense of pride and envy of the neighborhood and accomplishment. Now, wouldn’t be great to have that everlasting look without the headaches and worries of maintaining your the exterior of your home?

Well, there’s good news! Not only has vinyl siding paved the way in how we can transform the beauty of our home’s exterior siding into everlasting beauty, they’ve increased the color choices and all around durability. So, what makes vinyl siding a good choice for me? Vinyl siding never needs any painting –big long term savings there! Vinyl siding now comes in an array of colors, styles, textures, and in just about anyone’s style and architecture. So what kind of maintenance requirements are there? Because nothing is maintenance free! The only vinyl siding maintenance required would be simply hose your siding once every year! Sounds real expensive and daunting huh? Didn’t think so..

By choosing to have vinyl siding installed on your home, is an excellent way to increase the value of your home, boasting about the low-maintenance exterior to potential home buyers and home appraisers. Not only just increasing the value of your home and curb appeal, but you’re eliminating the possibilities of having termite and water damage. Vinyl siding also will protect the exterior of your home by not having the same problems as wood siding has to temperature and ever changing weather conditions. Vinyl siding has a good reputation for durability and appearance, that’s what makes this a great choice in money savings in the long run.

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What types of vinyl siding manufactures are there?


As a home improvement contractor in Massachusetts, I’ll list the top choices in my opinion for superior vinyl siding products. When you decide that you would like to have vinyl siding installed on your home, they’re many decisions you’ll be faced with. Having a reputable siding contractor to assist you in your decision making, will make this project go along much smoother. The first thing you’ll want to do is, choose the siding that will be right for your homes exterior. Also, remember to take into consideration the architectural style of your home and of course, the color.

Below are my top choices in vinyl siding manufactures:


Alcoa – One of the largest manufacturers of aluminum and vinyl siding and other aluminum products.

Alcoa takes out all of the stress in choosing vinyl siding by offering four vinyl siding categories to choose from. These categories include: Super premium vinyl siding, premium, standard, and economy vinyl siding. Alcoa goes out of there way to ensure that customers understand the differences between these categories in vinyl siding on their website. On their website, they’ll break down to you in easy to understand terms going into great details about colors, styles and durability, as well as functionality and affordability.

Alcoa also provides an easy to follow guide displaying different types of vinyl siding accents used to bring out the best look exterior of your home. Various styles include: various moldings, window casings, corner posts and more. Furthermore, is their interactive design center in which you can play around with various designs to see how your future project can come together.

You can find out more information about Alcoa vinyl siding and more by visiting their website at

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Certainteed Vinyl Siding

CertainTeed’s manufacturing company produces an array of vinyl siding styles, colors, and finishes to fit anyone’s preference in exterior looks. The Wolverine line that CertainTeed offers, has the most impressive variety of products for its brand, and claims to the have the biggest color choices in the industry.

Monogram 46

Monogram series can offer you that true “New England look” without breaking the bank! Monogram series can give you an eye pleasing natural cedar look, without the cedar price.. You can create a home that you can be proud of. The Monogram series comes with a designer palette of over 30 vinyl siding and trim colors to choose from.


Cedar Impressions

Having vinyl cedar shake impressions installed on your home gives you that beach shoreline feel, or cottage look. Each of the cedar impressions are designed to give you the look and feel of freshly sawn wood. Furthermore, with the distinctive patterns of randomly sized boards, will give you the authentic look you’re after.



Dressing up your home in CedarBoards insulated vinyl siding, is like wrapping a blanket around your home. Inside you’ll enjoy a quieter more comfortable home in the winter, and outside, you’ll enjoy the virtually low-maintenance Cedarboards vinyl siding has to offer. CedarBoards vinyl siding will give you the natural look of wood, with quality choices in colors.


CertainTeed � Provides a wide variety of vinyl and fiber cement siding materials. They have a huge selection of colors and styles on their website with informative pages and ways to see how their vinyl siding will look on your home.

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Vinyl Siding Colors

When vinyl siding first hit the mainstream market, there wasn’t a whole lot of color choices to choose from. But, with new innovation and new technology for vinyl siding, there are more vinyl siding colors to choose from than ever before.

Choosing the right vinyl siding color can be a daunting task, with the many options out there. The best way to decide is to have a look around your neighborhood and see what others have used. If you live in a country setting, try to base your color choices on the lighter side to compliment the greenery. If you have a colonial style home like the many here in Boston, you may want to choose colors of the grayish to blueish vinyl siding with black shutter and white trim. Ranch style homes can opt for more browns and tans with a white trim package. Everyone is different, so choose the vinyl siding color that best compliments you! Have a vinyl siding color chart with you and place against your home to play around with a few ideas.

Be sure to include your roofs shingle style and color when choosing your vinyl siding color, you don’t want to have blue siding on your home with a brown colored roof shingles.


I hope this article was informative, I know it can be a daunting task trying to figure out what type of vinyl siding to choose from, or what type of  vinyl siding colors are there. That’s why I made it a point to include the website’s of these vinyl siding manufactures to give you the opportunity to decide for yourself, including giving you my “Contractors opinion” to what I prefer to use in vinyl siding.

What I like most about these companies, is there flexibility in vinyl siding colors and styles, most importantly, their competitive pricing. They keep the costs of vinyl siding low, without compromising quality. Furthermore, it’s always good to have a vinyl house siding contractor to help you along in making the best decision for your homes exterior siding.

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  1. I love vinyl siding and it’s important to remember to consider what you would want for your front door as well. I like all the companies you listed… there is a lot of variety and lots of different colors to choose from!

  2. Yes, your front door entry way is one of your main focal points to your home and should be considered when choosing vinyl siding colors, and also don’t forget to consider window replacements

  3. Trying to find a type of vinyl siding for some repairs. No ones website gives me a look at the profile of siding I’m looking for. Actually there are no looks at available siding for me to even get a close match. I need six 12 ft sticks to repair this home and can’t find it.