Roof problems exist in all types of roofing materials no matter what the sales page tell you — nothing last forever. However, there are some roofing materials that do tend to last for quite a long time without any roof problems or leaks. In this article, I’ll list to most common roof problems and where to look for them if you encounter a roof leak. This article covers various types of roofing materials from: metal roofing, flat roofing, shingle roofing, clay roofing and more. Discover the pros and cons to each type of roofing materials available and common roof problems associated with them.

Discover why roof vents are so important for your home and why you should consider having some type of roofing ventilation installed. If you’ve ever experience ice dams in the winter or, extremely hot temperatures in your attic during the summer, you’d be happy to know you could help reduce those problems considerably with proper roof ventilation, and soffit ventilation. In this article, I’ll list pros and cons to having a roofing ventilation system on your roof.

There‚Äôs nothing more aggravating than coming home and finding a yellowish stain on your ceiling caused from a roof leak, or worse, having to place buckets under the roof leak. Having a roof leak is a problem you want to solve immediately, or risk further damages and higher costly roof repairs. In this article, I […]