Your home is not only where you lay your head each night, but it is what keeps both you and your family safe. Keeping your home in optimal shape is of vital importance, and nothing is as important as the roof that protects the entire house. Unfortunately some roofing materials are more susceptible to damage and issues than others.

There are numerous problems and issues that can arise with roofs. These complications vary depending on what style of roof you have, how old it is, whether you have a chimney or not, the materials used to build the roof, and many more factors. Depending on which problem you encounter, the solution to fix your roofing problem will vary. Below is a list of common roof problems and some suggested solutions to resolve the situation.

Common roof issues with roof shingles:

One of the most common roof problems occurs with asphalt shingles. These shingles are what are used on the majority of houses because of the fact that they are fairly inexpensive and a lot easier to install then other roofing materials. Unfortunately these shingles have a tendency to develop a few issues if there is a defect with the materials or if they were installed improperly.

Some of the roof problems that may occur with these asphalt shingles are premature cracking, blistering, or the loss of the gravel on the applique layer. These problems can not only damage the interior of your house by allowing water to leak through, but it can also decrease your houses value drastically. If the shingles are defective then the best solution is to call the manufacturer, they often have a warranty and you may be able covered. If not, contact a local roofing contractor to help you solve this issue before any serious damage is done.

Common Flat Roof Problems:

Another common issue residential/commercial property owners run into is with flat roofs. Some flat roof problems include pooling of water and the bowing under the weight of snow. Also since water can freely stand on these roofs, these roofs often have rust in applicable places. If your roof has rust or is beginning to sag, then these are serious issues that you need to deal with. First, if there is water pooling on your roof make sure it is removed within two to three days by adding roof drains or even putting an automatic siphon in the center of the roof. If the roof is sagging in certain spots then it is suggested to brace it and work on preventing weight form collecting in that spot in the future to prevent more damage – hire a flat roofing contractor to solve the problem.

Metal Roof Problems:

Some people prefer the uniqueness of metal roofs, but don’t realize the work that can accompany them. One big issue with these roofs is if they are installed incorrectly. The metal flashing around chimneys is a common place for water to leak through, and also if the roof is a flat-lock metal roof then it can be sealed improperly. If there are sealant problems then the person who installed the roof should be contacted. If you hired a contractor to install your metal roof there will likely be a warranty on it and they can come fix their mistake and reseal it properly.

Clay tile roofing problems

For those homeowners who wanted a different look and chose clay roofing tiles, they may be incredibly pleased with the Spanish/Italian look that their house has achieved but they should be wary of a few hazards that come with this building material. Clay tiles are grey because they can’t burn, rot, rust, or be eaten by insects. Despite all of those cons, these tiles have a few negatives. Not only do they weight a lot, but they break easily. To counteract the weight, make sure that the support beams and all of the internal structures on your house can properly support them. If there is any sagging then additional support will be needed in that area. Also, if you plan to go onto your roof to clean gutters or your chimney, then this can be a tricky task. These tiles are breakable and any rough handling can result in several broken tiles. Best thing to do to avoid this is avoid walking or putting any heavy materials on the roof as much as humanly possible. As a precaution for the future, when you are ordering tiles for the roof, order quite a few extra and store them this way you have them for future maintenance.

Many people do not consider their roofs to be a big problem until an issue comes up. Despite the wide variety of roofing options available, there isn’t one that has absolutely no issues that can go wrong with it. If you are looking for roofing solutions for a particular issue you are having, it is best to consult an experienced professional for additional help. Despite the possible problems for each type of roof, most of the time issues can be avoided with proper installation and maintenance.


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