“Many home owners are always looking to improve the appearance of their homes exterior, and most importantly add more house value. One of the most easiest and cost effective home improvements you could make would be to change the look of your home siding.. So what kind of house siding options are there? Well, that will all depend upon your lifestyle and taste. You could start with vinyl siding for its long-lasting and low-maintenance qualities, or choose the traditional colonial style clapboard siding, to the rustic look of cedar shake siding commonly found on homes along the shorelines…”

Research and review the many house siding options and types available for your home


Cedar Shingle Siding

Cedar shingles, or “shakes” as they’re called in the siding contractor world are a New England style tradition along the coastlines from Cape-cod, to Manchester “by the sea” Massachusetts.

In its natural unfinished state, it has a wonderful looking textured tactile grain, combined with warm light brown and deep brown colors. Cedar siding also remains subtly aromatic, and the appealing fragrance of cedar adds another benefit to the ever so popular wood.

Cedar shingle siding also contains natural oils that help protect the wood against rot, decay, and insects. Cedar siding is also a stable type of wood that never buckles or curls. When properly maintained, cedar siding will last for years to come and will age gracefully.


The average cost to install Cedar siding on a 2,000 square foot house is: 13,000 labor and materials. Not including painting or stain.

Wood Clapboard Siding

clapboard house siding contractors maWood clapboard siding had been a traditional favorite among Massachusetts colonial style homes, and still remain a favored choice in fine homes. Clapboard siding comes in a variety of wood species from cedar, spruce, redwood, cypress and pine. If maintained properly, clapboard siding can last a lifetime with the proper staining or painting. Many colonial homes from the bygone era still hold its original beauty today.





The average cost to install clapboard siding on a 2,000 square foot home is roughly: 10,500 labor and materials – not including paint or stain.


Fiber Cement Siding

hardie plank siding installersFiber cement house siding has been growing in popularity in recent years, due to its appearance and durability. Fiber cement siding has the look of real wood, without the high maintenance of wood house siding. This type of house siding is relatively strong, fire resistant and insect proof and commonly has a great warranty attached with it.

A favorable fiber cement manufacture would be Hardie-plank siding (hardiepanel), there siding prices are reasonable and warranties are great!




The average price to install hardiplank siding on a 2,000 square foot home is roughly: 11,500 materials and labor, excluding painting your siding.


Vinyl Siding

vinyl siding contractors maVinyl siding is a wonderful choice for home-owners that are looking for low-maintenance while increasing their homes energy efficiency. Over the years, vinyl siding has become very popular because of its ability to resist rot, lower energy costs, resist the brutal New England weather, and increased re-sale value. Not only for those reason, but of its affordability when compared to other home siding options.

There are many Vinyl  siding options to choose from and an array of vinyl siding styles, ranging from the looks of cedar shakes, to the looks of traditional clapboard siding. Vinyl siding also has a lot of color options too, with the colors being baked through the vinyl instead of applied. What that means is the color stays true over a long period of time, resisting the signs of scratches or small imperfections.


The average cost to install vinyl siding as an option for a 2,000 square foot home is roughly: 9,000 for labor and materials. Vinyl siding options are among the cheapest around and doesn’t require your siding to be painted. Minimal maintenance required to keep your siding looking new.


Aluminum Siding

 professional aluminum metal siding contractors ma, nh, ct, meAluminum siding has been seen by many as out-of-date option, although some siding and home improvement contractors still offer this type of siding for its many benefits to urban areas; others like aluminum standing seam metal siding for its contemporary and aesthetically pleasing looks. You can expect aluminum metal siding to last more than 40 years to the life of your home with very minimal care and maintenance. Repairing metal siding can also be a simple task, by unsnapping the metal locking clips and prying up the nailing flange, you can easily repair a damaged metal panel.


The average price to install aluminum siding as an option will cost you for a home 2,000 square foot in size will be roughly: 9,500 – no painting or staining required.

Choosing the right siding contractor for your home

Your home is your biggest investment that you will make in your lifetime, so by choosing the right siding contractor for your home can be a daunting task. Well, I’ll try to make it easy for you in choosing the right siding company that will treat your home as if it where theirs!

  • When you’re in the process of choosing a siding company, verify that the contractor has a “certificate of Insurance” ( this will protect you from any damages on your property) ALSO, ask to see a current “worker’s compensation certificate” ( this will protect their employees in-case of injuries, and protect you the homeowner from law-suites)..
  • Ask for references, most siding contractors will be proud to showcase their lastest projects. Try to get atleast a couple of verifiable past clients to speak with.
  • Be sure to check for the appropriate state licensing needed to pull permits on your behalf. These license’s should include a “Contractor’s supervisors license” (CSL) Also a Home improvement contractors licence ( H.I.C)..  Verify that their licenses are current and in good standings with the state..
  • What type of written warranty will they offer you?
  • Above all, choose a home improvement contractor in which you feel comfortable with and is willing to walk you through the whole exterior house siding process without hesitation – Good communication is key to a successful project!

Common Home Siding Problems and Questions

What should I do about the loose siding or siding falling off my house?

The decision to repair or replace your worn out house siding can become a daunting task. You could either call a siding contractor to evaluate your homes siding or you can assess the damage yourself and make the attempt to repair your siding. In your assessment, you want to locate problem areas and also figure out what might be causing the problems in the first place.

When is the best time of year to install house siding?

Most siding companies install siding all year long and if you’re looking for good deals, fall and winter are usually the best time to have your siding installed on your home; most siding companies can compensate for temperature adjustments required with some types of siding, including vinyl house siding.

How long does it take to install siding?

Every project requires a different approach and solution before work commences, this involves choosing the right equipment and materials to solve and produce the best outcome for your homes exterior siding project. As a siding contractor in Massachusetts our team of siding professionals know exactly what it takes to get the job done correctly, and most importantly, to your up most satisfaction! We’re constantly on the look out for the new and improved vinyl siding products that can provide you with the best looking and long-lasting exterior house siding in the neighborhood. Our time frames on siding installation can usually run between 2-4wks depending on size and difficulty of your house.

Is it okay to add vinyl siding over existing siding?

It most certainly is okay if there isn’t any signs of rot, mold or termite damage on your home existing siding. But, from a contractor’s point of view, it’s always best to remove your old siding before installing new wood or vinyl siding.

What siding colors and choices do I have and what will it look like?

If you’re curious on how a certain type of siding will look on your home, test drive our interactive house siding designer for an interactive look and feel. Choose a house that fits your home style and architecture — and begin designing!

For a professional house siding contractor estimate call us today at 781-856-2001 or fill out our easy contact form

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  1. Michael Hood says

    “Well, I’ll try to make it easy for you in choosing the right siding company that will treat your home as if it where theirs!”

    This is great, home owners should always be careful with the choice of contractors because most contractors have the tendency to exaggerate and under deliver. Make sure you talk to their previous customers and check their background. Take some time to know your contractor to save a lot of head aches and expenses in the long run.