hardiplank siding has been growing in popularity due to the fact this company listens to its customers. Their fiber cement siding is long lasting, durable and comes with one of the best warranties in the business.

“Not so long ago James Hardie decided to come up with a new form of fiber cement siding and the rest was history.”

Why Hardiplank Siding


Nowadays you can find hardiplank siding on over four million homes alone throughout the U.S.. Why? Because Hardiplank Siding is an industry standard of excellence and does with it was designed to do, protect one’s home or structure and do so with that creative flair that has come to be a standard in the industry.

Benefits of Hardiplank Siding


The HardiPlank Siding revolution has homeowners far more than pleased and satisfied. That’s because no other siding solution comes close to this product. There is protection against water, wind, debris, fire, and insects. Fiber cement siding is so strong that it acts as weatherization proofing as well. Cold and inclement weather doesn’t stand a chance against this product. A very strong addition to your energy saving needs. Think of Hardiplank Siding as your shield against when Mother Nature when it turns on you and that’s not an understatement. It’s designed to stand up to winds of 140 miles per hour! Waterproof, fireproof, resistant to heat, cold, insects, and mold this company has provided some powerful products for the homeowner that are affordable and boosts the property’s value and equity from the start.

Hardiplank Siding has unbeatable warranties

Not only that, but the company is one of the most comprehensive full service companies you’ll find. They work with their customers from the first step and stay with them for decades to come and back it up with warranties that stunned the home improvement industry. That’s right, HardiPlank Siding has a 50 year warranty on it. That’s standing by a product and then some! You’ll be rest assured that the money you invest in their siding will have them standing by you along the way. They want to see your home look nice, keep those energy bills down and furthermore, give their company a boost in deserved recognition. Word of mouth has had the company rolling on the momentum of its products, customer care and expertise. They’ll sit down with you and assess how much siding you’ll need,Hardiplank Siding Cost, what kind of siding is best, the color, How to Install Hardiplank Siding configuration and more. They’ve even got software that you can use to customize your home to your specs. Once that’s done you choose whether to install the Hardiplank lap siding yourself or have them do it. Either way you win out because the improvement in your home will result in nothing less than breathtaking results and peace of mind.


In addition, the company just doesn’t have siding, they have several other products and designs. Each is engineered for the longevity and efficiency of the product. From trim to weather proofing you’ll find the James Hardiplank siding collection of home improvement products second to none.

Hardiplank Siding Cost

They’re aware that the traditional siding solutions are cheaper but they also know they’re not as reliable as Hardi plank Siding. Sure the Hardie products call for a bit more elbow grease to handle during installation but that’s a small price to pay considering what the provide and continue to pay back for decades to come. You’re not just spending money when it comes to this siding, you’re doing more than investing too. You’ve got your write-offs and insurance premiums that should drop so adding the discounts and other factors you’re getting away with a bargain you just can’t turn down when considering Hardiplank siding cost.

Extremely attractive Hardiplank colors with styles to fit every taste, durable enough to last for decades, protection against the elements including fire and debris and you’re talking a siding solution that will be the smartest decision you’ve made for your home since buying it.

Hardiplank installation cost example:

If your home is approximately 2,000 square feet, you can expect the cost of hardiplank siding to range from 5.50-6.75 per square foot of coverage. This example is common for the Northeast –this doesn’t include trim for windows, doors, rake boards, and soffits.


Great online calculator for hardiplank siding:




  1. I use hardieplank for my home as well, this article is dead on. Highly reccommend this product.

  2. Thanks Patrick, I couldn’t agree with you anymore. I absolutely love installing hardiplank on homes in the Northeast.

  3. Can you tell me what the hardiplank colors are that have been used in the above photo?

  4. Hi Christina, sorry about the delay. The color is Cypress green. Doesn’t look great on hardiplank?