How to Fix a Heaving Deck A reader wrote in with questions about why her deck is heaving up and down though seasonal changes Dear Mike, Two years ago, my husband and his good friend built a above ground deck for our home. All has been good, except last winter we experienced our deck start […]

Wood vs Composite decking – how do you choose? As a home improvement contractor and a builder of decks in Massachusetts, I’m often asked “wood vs composite decking” what’s the best choice in decking material? Well, when you are doing your research on wood vs composite decking, you need to ask yourself what level of […]

Mahogany decking comes in a wide-range of species and color, supplied by many countries around the globe. However, not all mahogany decking are alike. The type of mahogany decking you’ll find most here in Massachusetts and in the rest of the country will refer to — American Mahogany. American Mahogany has a very deep rich […]

Learn the correct way to properly install deck flashing before attaching the deck ledger board When building a deck onto your home it is crucial to properly install deck flashing above, behind and below the deck ledger boards. As a home improvement contractor, I’ve personally seen what can happen to a deck that never had […]

Having a deck built is a very popular home improvement, especially here in Massachusetts. This home improvement not only adds to the value of your home, but also provides a great place to kick back and enjoy BBQ’s, parties and the outdoors. There are many uses for a deck just as there are many types […]

A reader wrote in with questions about here Pressure-treated deck. Dear Mike, I have a question about the new decking I’ve installed for my new deck. Before I go ahead and stain my pressure-treated deck, how do I remove the writing from the pressure-treated lumber? Please help!!! Kathy, Seattle, Washington Dear Kathy, Thank you for […]