“If you’re considering investing into new siding for your home this article will go over the benefits of choosing cedar shake siding. This type of siding has less maintenance involved with maintaining a high quality appearance when you compare it to wood house sidings. Cedar shake siding is a very cost effective way to give your home a rustic appearance. Also cedar has strong resistances to insect damage, weathering, rot, and warping…”


This type of siding is just one of many types that are available to the buying public today. You can always distinguish this type of siding because it is made up of cut pieces of cedar. When you install the siding on your home, the shingles are laid down in an overlapping pattern giving a great rustic visual appeal. The one single drawback of this type of siding would be that it can be slightly labor intensive to install.

Benefits and Durability of Cedar Shingle Siding

Warping is one of the main enemies of any type of wood product, especially one in constant contact with the outdoor elements. However, cedar is renown for its ability to resist warping even when its used in severe weather climates. For this reason many homeowners in the Atlantic northeastern region of the United States of America choose to use cedar shake siding on their homes. Nearly all siding contractors are also aware of this, and they tend to promote this type of siding for its many benefits and protection against salt spray along the shorelines of Cape Cod, MA..

Shrinkage can also cause headaches to other types of wooden products, however cedar is also far more resistance to this issue than other types of wood. When other wooden siding shrinks it causes gaps to form in the siding of the home, which doesn’t look good visually. Also these gaps cause the exterior of your home to become exposed and this can lead to many headaches down the road. If you live in a wet climate, shrinkage can be a big issue, so this is just another reason to choose cedar shake siding.

Many different types of insects also like to feast on wood. However, the cedar tree naturally produces an oil that is infused into its wood. This oil acts a natural insect repellent and many wood eating bugs won’t even come near a home covered in cedar shake siding. This helps keep your home bug free, but also you won’t need to worry about termites or other nasty critters eating away at your home. The cedar oil present in the siding also keeps the wood lubricated and it resists wood rot a lot more than other types of siding do. Many homeowners also use cedarwood in places like spa’s which are constantly exposed to humid conditions because of this.

cape cod style cedar shingles


When you are in the market for cedar shake siding, you need to be aware of the different ways to identify great product. This way you can stay away from a lower quality cut that is going to give you problems. Most companies and suppliers use a grading system to identify the best products. Grade A cedar, or, #1 choice cedar is generally considered the best cut, but at the same time it can be quite expensive. Grade B cedar, or often called #2 cedar is often used in siding applications because of the balance between cost and performance. Anything lower than that usually is not used for siding.

In addition to grading, you also need to visually inspect the wood itself. Cedar has several key features that you should use to identify a good cut. The main two are the clarity and knots of the cedar shingle. Grade A cedar shake siding is usually smooth, and has a uniform visual appearance with little to no imperfections or knots. Grade B cedar will generally have more noticeable visual issues and a little knotting, but it will generally maintain a smooth feeling to the hand.

In conclusion, cedar shake siding can be a great addition to any home. It will increase the value of your home, keep wood eating bugs away, and give your home a visually appealing rustic look. While it may cost more and be more labor intensive to get it installed, if you want one of the best sidings available, you simply cannot go wrong with cedar.


Great online calculator for cedar shake siding - calculate your cost by labor, and square footage:



  1. I like the way the cedar looks but it might stand out a bit much in my neighborhood of aluminum siding. I guess this would be more for custom-built.

  2. Cedar shake siding does look absolutely beautiful on any house. In fact, that’s my favorite type of siding, except I don’t really like the cedar siding prices all to much. Take a look at my post on house siding options, it gives you a unique look at different house siding options to choose from.

  3. Rosemary says

    I currently have my home covered in Cedar Shakes but they are very old (40+ yrs)and need to be replaced. We are weighing the costs of Vinal siding, Vinal Shakes and Cedar Shakes. I received costs to cover the house in both Vinal siding and Vinal shakes. Should I assume that Cedar Shakes will be the higher of the 3 options.

  4. Hi Rosemary,

    You’re correct in your assumption about wood cedar shakes being the most expensive siding option. However, I truly love the look of real wood cedar shingles. Why? For its wonderful smell, feel, and also, for it’s natural resistance to decay. Cedar shingles have their own natural oils to help fight off common weather elements. Just take a ride up any coastline and you’ll see a common trend. If it cedar shingle can handle the salty air and storms, I’m quite sure it can handle any type of environment in the US..

    Visit this link For vinyl siding prices

    As for cedar shingle cost, expect to pay around 8-10.00 per square ft. this would cover the cost of the installation, siding materials, etc.. Granted, these are common prices for the Northeast and might be lower in your area..

  5. Hi,
    My husband and I just bought a 1925 cottage in the Midwest that has painted cedar shakes that needs replacing. We would like to replace it with cedar shakes but we are confused about the issue of painting vs colored staining, vs no staining at all. And is the real cedar shakes better than manufactured shakes?

    Are there products/techniques available that will allow shakes to be painted and last a life time? Or require minimal upkeep? If so, what are they? Could you write a more detail feature on painted and stained shakes, the different techniques available, and the maintenance involved or its lifetime? Pros and cons?

    Thank you so much!

  6. If you plan to use wood cedar shake siding here are your options:

    1. If you don’t treat wood cedar shakes, you’ll end up with a weather grayish look to your home. Cedar shake siding has natural oils within the wood that helps protect the wood species from rot, termites.

    2. If you want to preserve the beauty of cedar shake siding in it’s natural state, you’ll want to stain them with a clear coat stain. This would be my favorite and best choice if I had to make one. Stain can last 10 years give or take.

    3. Painting would be required on average every 10 years or so. It all depends on location, how much your home gets sun, etc..

    Vinyl cedar shake siding would require none of the above. It’s low maintenance and only needs to be cleaned with a garden hose and a soft bristle brush, soapy water. If I had to choose between real wood cedar shake siding and vinyl shake siding – I’d choose real wood cedar.

  7. You’d just make your neighbors jealous! Go for it, it’s a beautiful looking type of siding option.