Earn LEED Certification Points for Using a Sustainable Alternative to SheetrockBuild Green


Serious Materials Company has introduced EcoRock, a sustainable alternative to sheetrock. This new eco-building material should be arriving in home-centers the summer of 2009. This new sheetrock is sure to please eco-conscious home builders and home owners. This couldn’t have come at a better time in light of the recent lawsuit from tainted Chinese sheetrock, that was being imported here because of shortages..


What Makes EcoRock a More Sustainable Green Building Material?

This type of sheetrock/drywall is made out of waste products that in other words, would’ve ended up in the dump.. The way they manufacture this type of sheetrock/drywall is also more eco-friendly on the environment — “less waste is a better place.”

The makers of EcoRock also claim their process of manufacturing EcoRock uses 80% less energy to make Vs conventional sheetrock/gypsum wallboard. Using EcoRock instead of gypsum drywall could reduce US CO2 emissions by 25 billion pounds per year -not to shabby..Also, having EcoRock installed in your home can earn you up to 8 points towards your LEED certification. LEED stands for “Leadership Energy Environmetal Design.

What are some benefits of EcoRock?

1. The makers of EcoRock designed this product to be completely recycleable. That’s really good news, because some landfills will not accept traditonal gypsum sheetrock fo disposal.

2. Its also termite resitant, making this a more favorable building product.

3. Installation becomes a lot easier, because the drywall creates 60% less dust when installing – means less gagging on the dust!

4. EcoRock is also mold-proof, making it a much healthier drywall.

When Installing EcoRock

Installation of EcoRock is no different then traditional sheetrock/drywall. The only difference from traditional drywall and EcoRock, is drywall has a paper finish and EcoRock has a “coated glass covering.” The manufactures state, that there is no difference in hanging, taping and mudding procedures common with drywall.

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