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Fall is around the corner and we all know what that means, cooler days and colder nights. That’s why now couldn’t be a more better time to replace those drafty worn out windows, with new vinyl replacement windows. In these times with rising fuel costs for heating and cooling your home and the need to make your home more energy efficient, replacement windows makes for a very smart choice in home impr0vements. Not only are replacement windows a smart investment, but the investment will pay itself off by reducing your energy bills of up to 30% and increasing your Attleboro Ma., property value.

When should you replace your windows?

  • When you feel the occasional draft from your windows;
  • Your window’s glass feel cold to the touch;
  • The weather stripping around your windows are failing;
  • The sealant around the exterior of your window is cracking or pealing off;
  • Your exterior wood trim is rotting, creating voids for cold air to infiltrate;
  • Your heating/cooling bills are outrageous!
  • You’re still living with single pane glass windows…

What types of replacement windows should I consider?

Single, double, triple replacement window profiles

Single, double, triple replacement window profiles


Double-pane replacement windows:

The most common window installations that MBM Construction install are double-paned windows. Double-paned windows are a great choice when considering upgrading your windows, they’re fairly priced and offer great energy savings for your attleboro home. They offer two panes of glass that provides great insulation properties by allowing air in the space to absorb some of the heat and some of the cooler air to create a mid-range temperature inside the window.

Triple-pane replacement windows:

Triple-pane windows are the top dogs for replacement windows, they offer the maximum energy efficiency you can achieve with replacement windows, with three independent glasses and two chambers filled with Argon or Krypton gas, rather than one chamber in double-pane make this the top choice. The most important point in replacing your windows is to stop all that heat from transferring to the outside straight through the windows, and a triple pane window can do just that. Triple paned windows (also known as triple glazed) windows are of course heavier and more expensive than double paned windows, as you might expect. Most importantly, a window with three panes is an investment rather than a purchase. This is the choice for the homeowner who wants to make excellent long term savings to energy costs. And so can accept that the initial price of the window will not be made up in heating bill reductions for quite a few years.

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