Professional Window Replacement Installation Services

Choosing replacement windows for your Massachusetts home entails having to choose between many different makes and brands of replacement windows. Choosing the right window and style, can dramatically enhance your curb appeal and energy efficiency! Upgrading your drafy windows for new replacement windows, will not only save you time and money, but will look great for years to come..

There are a number of benefits to replacing your windows in your home. First being, the flexibility in styles to choose from. With the many window options to choose from, you can add more quality improved airflow, limit or maximize the amount of light you want shining in. You can choose to have window inserts, grills, window screens, etc.. What ever the need might be, there’s a window that will suit your needs!

There are many advantages to replacing your old worn out drafy windows — have a look down below for some examples of why you should replace yours..

  • Greatly Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Reduction In Outside Noise For Better Sound Control
  • Safe And Easy Cleaning
  • Practically Maintenance Free And Never Needs Painting
  • Increased Protection Against Break-ins

Types of Replacement Windows

bullet-3Double Hung Windows – Double hung windows gives off the traditional New England look we’ve all grown accustomed to. The top and bottom sashes both tilt with ease for cleaning, and open swiftly for ventilation.
bullet-3Bays and Bows – Bay windows create a nice warm and distinctive flare to the exterior of your home. Bay windows also give you a nice seat to rest your family photo’s and flower plants. Just like bay windows, bow windows create the same effect just a little less of a bump-out from the exterior walls.
bullet-3Casements – Casement windows create that architectural look with a contemporary feel. Once installed, casement windows will provide you with a dramatic and eye pleasing look. Furthermore, this type of window cranks out with ease for cleaning and provide maximum ventilation when opened.

Top Five Questions & Answers

1. Do I need new windows?energy star replacement windows?

Many home owner’s replace their windows due to functionality, other’s replace their windows for aesthetic reasons. However, new windows will always serve a good purpose in boosting your energy savings and curb appeal.

2. What is Low-E glass?

Low-E glass is a process where the window manufacture uses a silver like coating over the glass, and works as a mirror reflecting heat back towards the direction it came from. Low-E also protects the interior of your home’s carpenting, drapes, furniture from fading.

3. What is Argon filled gas?

When considering replacing your windows, you might want to consider choosing replacement windows incased with argon gas. Argon gas is more dense than oxygen and therefore, reduces the heat transfer rate in your home – increasing your energy savings!

4. What is a R-Value?

R-values are ratings based on the energy performance a window should have. When shopping for a vinyl or wood replacement window, the higher the number, the more insulation that window will have – increasing energy savings!

5. What is a U-Value?

U-values are similar to R-values, with two major differences: The first difference is U-values are ratings for the entire replacement window unit itself, whereas R-values are ratings for specific materials of the window itself. Second, you want to look for the lowest U-Value of a window for enhanced energy savings perfomance.

So basically, R-Values are ratings for how much heat is retained, and U-Values are ratings for how heat is lost…

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