Crane Vinyl Siding

Crane vinyl siding offers insulated siding for a greatly overall improved energy efficiency of your home. Tests have shown that Crane’s insulated vinyl siding can increase the R-value of your homes exterior walls by as much as R-4. That’s really impressive considering that most homes in the Massachusetts area have a rating of R-15 or less! This is great news for you, if your looking for ways to increase the value of your home while saving $$$ on your energy bills. Having Crane insulated vinyl siding installed on your home can increase your homes efficiency by more than 20% overall –not to bad right? In addition, these siding panels have proven the test of durability.

They also have an impressive impact resistance ratings to withstand whatever the brutal New England weather can throw at her. Crane house siding also has a large selection of vinyl siding colors to choose from. Their vinyl siding foam based panels run in 16′ lengths giving you less seems along side your exterior walls of up to 40% less than traditional home siding.

Benefits and Features of Crane Siding

Massachusetts homeowners can sleep more soundly with CraneBoard, literally. The SOLID CORE backing deadens sound, reducing noise up to 45% compared to other home vinyl siding.

Craneboard Triple 6
The original – CraneBoard T6
The Revolution started here.

CraneBoard T6 came first to establish the beautiful difference with its panel of three extraordinary 6″ planks. The exceptional board width and imposing straight-face profile are still making siding history.

Triple 6 has CraneBoard®’s authentic true-milled cedar grain face that is virtually indistinguishable from natural wood – even close up. It’s beauty that’s made to last. CraneBoard T6 also features patented CraneSpan® engineering, which smoothes and straightens walls and reduces seams. This remarkable look and performance will last a lifetime on your home.

CraneBoard Double 7
Taking the beauty and performance advantages of CraneBoard to the next dimension.


Unlike wood siding or fiber cement siding, CraneBoard D7 will never warp, never peel, never pop a nail and never ever need painting. It will give your home the gracious, impressive look you’ve always wanted – with none of the disadvantages of deterioration.

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