There’s the wrong way to flash a deck and there’s the right way to install flashing, I will show you the correct way.

When you have figured out the layout of your deck and wonder how you will install the flashing to protect¬† your house from rot, moisture, water damage, use these helpfull tips I’m going to show you.

Step one: Buy a roll of copper flashing if haven’t done so already. If you don’t have any copper flashing, go to your local home center and pick up a roll. The copper roll wants to be larger in width than the dimensional lumber you chose to build your deck with.

Can I use aluminum Flashing? No, I wouldn’t! It may be a little cheaper, but, when framing exterior decks using Galvanized nails; you will have ” oxidation” of the nails in contact with the aluminum. Oxidation will form around the “nails” and will eat through them, thus, causing your deck to erode from the house and possibaly collapse! So, in other words, don’t skimp and try to save a few buck..

Step two:¬† Roll the copper flashing out roughly5″ inches past you ledger board on both sides.

Step three: Buy yourself a roll of Grace vycor protection and over lap the copper flashing a couple of inches. Also, make sure the vycor protection start from below the door.

Why do I use this?

Well, this is what I call the ” Double Protection Plan,” you see, in my part of the region the Northeast, we get a lot of nasty weather. In the winter snow storms roll through and snow builds up on the deck. Now with all that snow sitting on your deck, freezing and melting, your siding expanding and contracting, water could find its way through and leak into your house. Starting to make sence?

Use the picture below to get an idea of what I’m explaining. If you have any questions or comments, please visit me at for a free estimate and consultation.

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