Mahogany deck

Mahogany decking comes in a wide-range of species and color, supplied by many countries around the globe. However, not all mahogany decking are alike. The type of mahogany decking you’ll find most here in Massachusetts and in the rest of the country will refer to — American Mahogany. American Mahogany has a very deep rich reddish color that most have come to enjoy, especially in New England where I’ve constructed many of these decks. American mahogany decking comes from primarily Mexico, Central and South America

Generally, Mahogany decking has been viewed by many contractors and homeowners for its decking being a hard and highly durable. Since mahogany decking is a harder more dense wood, it has the tendency not to buckle, split or warp. Also, please note Mahogany decking will be a little more expensive than pressure-treated decking, however it’s well worth the investment and looks great to home-buyers and is durable.

Fastening materials for securing Mahogany decking

As a deck contractor here in Ma., I prefer using stainless steel screws for decking installations. Other types of fasteners may not penetrate to well or not hold up to well. However, pre-drilling holes is mandatory if not using a nail gun. Even with stainless steel nails, they will bend trying to simply nail them into the mahogany wood decking. I found with using stainless steel hex head screws, you’ll ensure the maximum bond between your decking and the frame.

When installing the mahogany wood decking, I found it aesthetically most attractive to create a picture-frame on the outside perimeter of the deck surface using long Mahogany decking boards.

Once the outer frame is installed, then the main Mahogany decking boards can be simply installed within this outer framework. The result is a cleaner line when viewed from a distance or standing on the deck itself.

Regarding the mahogany railing system, screws and bolts should be used exclusively as the material use in this part of the deck is typically thicker and requires more rigidity.

Staining or Sealing Mahogany Wood Decking

Mahogany wood decking takes paint and stain well, however I have preferred to apply a clear sealer. The clear sealer enables the natural red color of the Mahogany decking to shine through, while still providing a layer of protection from the environment. Typically I re-apply the clear sealer every year to continue to preserve the color. If you do not, the Mahogany will bleach out.

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